Bitcoin wallet

Some ways to earn bitcoins as a prize

Similar to normal currencies, the digital currency bitcoin is also considered as a payment option in several countries. Many retail shops and other private organizations readily accept bitcoin as a payment where some countries and their organizations do not even though it has this much of popularity. If you cannot transact your bitcoin over any retail shops for any reason, then using it online can be very easy. Keep your money safer by having it in bitcoin wallet and use it whenever needed.

There are lot of sites that accept bitcoin as a payment and also rewards prizes in the same form. Read below on where to find those sites. They are as follows,

  • If you are a gamer, research on the internet for the various gaming sites that offer bitcoins as a reward or the prize money. Search the digital gaming sites which offer several popular games like shooting or any other. There are lots of sites which offer bitcoins as a reward. If you are a lover of casino games and interested in gambling, then there are more sites that offer bitcoins as the reward in place of the normal currencies. Since the value of a single bitcoin equals several lakhs, your prize amount in thousands can be very less in decimals for the value in bitcoin.
  • There are also some sites that offer free bitcoins when you become an user or customer of the specific site by registering successfully. These kind of sites doesn’t even want you to play games in order to earn bitcoins but offer free coins by choosing a lucky winner every week or so periodically. Don’t miss this opportunity to collect and store bitcoins in bitcoin wallet to have safe transactions every time.