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Carpet Flooring: Which is Right for You?

As a member of this household, you may be interested in purchasing a carpet floor for your home. Before we delve into the subject further, you don’t have to have an expensive carpet to have a beautiful home. What you do want to do is purchase a quality carpet that you will be proud to install in your home. It’s important to note that carpets come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. With this in mind, it may be quite difficult to determine which carpet will look best in your home.

There are two basic styles to choose from:

Loop carpets

Loop carpets are actually made of many small loops of yarn. In this type of carpet, the loops are placed in certain areas, depending on the pattern. The beauty of this type of carpet is that if you have a spill or other type of stain, you may be able to clean it right away.

Pile carpets

Pile carpets are made up of individual fibers that are tufted into a solid pile. The pile is attached to a backing of some kind, making this type of carpet flooring in Richmond. The drawback to pile carpets is that the pile becomes worn over time and needs to be replaced periodically. If you live in a home that you plan to sell one day, you will want to consider this.

Carpet Flooring Styles

  1. Traditional or Patterned Carpet

Traditional carpet has a more traditional look. This is the most common type of carpet that you will see. The carpet consists of a woven or tufted design. All traditional carpet is made of 100% nylon or 100% polyester yarns.

  1. Off-White or Grey Carpet

It’s true that an off-white or grey carpet may look better in a room where the walls and colors are off-white or grey, but this is a personal choice. Some people think that an off-white or grey carpet will look more “mature”. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, this may be a smart move for you.

  1. Upscale or Designer Carpet

Upscale carpet is another type of carpet that you may choose. Upscale is an adjective that describes a carpet that is stylish and classy. Upscale carpet will be made of more wool or blended fabrics.